DIY a “Mercury Glass” Mason Jars Centerpiece

I love Mason jars.

And pallets, and mercury glass.
I’ll bet you know someone who would love this versatile tray of mercury glass Mason jars, too!
When I started this, I was thinking “centerpiece for the Holidays.”  Yes, I know it’s 108 degrees today, but the Holiday season is closer than you think! We makers are already making to get ready for the Fall and Holiday events!

While I was working on this,  I realized these are just too cute to stick in a closet 10 months out of the year. You can do almost anything with these half gallon mercury glass Mason jars, and use them all year long!

Mason Jars for Storage

Since these are, in fact, storage jars, I thought I would start out by using them to store small craft items like gluesticks and buttons, and my price tags. They are the perfect size for this! To add some “cute” to this storage, I shredded some old hymnal pages to use as filler, and added some raffia bows, along with a little burlap bird I had. Black satin paint on the jars makes “chalkboard” labels that can be changed as needed! (Nope, you don’t need the pricey “Chalkboard paint,” plain ole Satin or eggshell finish works great for way less.)

Mercury Glass Mason Jars

I like the junky-cute, messy look of this! (what can I say, I’m a junker!) You could neat it up, I guess, by cutting the raffia way shorter, but where would the fun be in that?
You could use these to store all sorts of things; they would work great as cannisters in the kitchen for coffee, dry goods, or pasta. You could use them to store headbands, barrettes, and pony tails in. They could also be “saving jars” for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Oh, the possiblities!

Mercury Glass Mason Jars

Mercury Glass Mason Jars Centerpiece

Although I like the idea of all the storage, I was still pretty sold on the whole centerpiece idea. This would work really well on a mantle, too,  since it’s so narrow. First I put together a Fall centerpiece, with a tiny bit of Halloween added, in the form of two crows.

Mercury Glass Mason Jars

I added the crows because I don’t do creepy for Halloween, and they are perfect to carry this through until the end of October. I love the crow peeking out of the greenery!

Since this was my original idea, I still wanted to try out a Christmas theme. I used gold-and-white tissue paper, and holly from my yard as filler, and some sparkly red ribbon around the neck of the jars.

Mercury Glass Mason Jars

I plan on using electric lights to illuminate the jars.  I could only scrounge up one today, but  you can see how the light makes the mercury glass really sparkle!

Mercury Glass Mason Jars

I really like this idea; that I don’t have an entire set of pretties that sit in the closet for ten months out of the year, but instead use what I have in new ways all year long. By making everyday things also special occasion things, I cut way down on the clutter and stuff I have in my home. Simple is a wonderful thing!
For a detailed tutorial on the pyography (wood burning) method used to decorate the wooden tray, check out this post by The Simple Hive. It’s super-easy; just use a woodburning tool, which is a bit like a pen, and doodle away!   The border on the box is simply this:  “~..~..~..~.. ” You get the idea! If pyography isn’t your thing, simply use a narrow wooden box to hold your mercury glass Mason jars.
To get the great mercury glass look,  spray jars with vinegar. Spray enough to create droplets, not runs of water. While the jars are still wet, spray with Chrome finish spray paint. Let them dry for at least 8 hours, then lightly sand with a fine-grit sandpaper. The paint will lift where the vinegar was still wet, and give you that distressed mercury glass look. That’s it! Easy peasy.  There are a multitude of tutorials on this, so just google “mercury glass mason jars” if you want more detailed instructions.
Now, go forth and create!.